Welcome to the Networking Department

Tamarack understands the importance of having a well-planned and reliable network. A well-planned network allows your business to maximize productivity and reduces costs of maintenance.

For the Northwest Territories, there is no better network partner to turn to. Our networking staff has the long-term expertise -- three networking specialists on staff -- and northern exposure to help you set up a network that won’t let you down.

Tamarack helps you set up:

  • Small office networking – Whether you own a small business or work remotely.
  • Routers & Switches – Don’t miss a beat with your network connectivity. We provide router switches of all types, for as many network connections as you need to maintain. We also manage multiple internet connections, wireless networking planning, redundant failover, and remote VPN configurations.
  • Network monitoring – We understand that network management is a constant priority. The Tamarack team will stay on top of your network maintenance through constant monitoring.
  • Configuring remote offices: With our remote networking configuration, you’ll have total access to the office, without having to be there. Our networking specialists can facilitate access to web-based email. We’ll also keep you connected to remote workstations by terminal services or remote desktop, and enable instant collaboration with your peers.
  • Troubleshooting existing network configurations – Our team will proactively monitor your network to identify potential bottlenecks or security breaches, among other preventative trouble spots.
  • Planning and coordinating of new installations – Our team will take the time to understand your current network configuration, spot the issues, and recommend the best solutions to your team. Just as important, we want to include you in the process, and share our passion and knowledge of how a network runs. By going through the planning process together, you’ll have full confidence and faith in your network configuration going forward.

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