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Disaster Recovery Planning in the Canadian North: A Practical Guide for Businesses and Communities

from Tamarack Computers

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Like every organization in Canada's North, your business or community must deal with an unreliable power supply. That’s just a part of life in our great region. But a massive power outage could have a devastating effect on your operations – leading to lost productivity, reduced citizen service, and decreased revenue for your business or community.

That’s why it’s absolutely essential for your organization to build a workable disaster recovery plan. Download a new e-book from Tamarack Computers to learn more.

In “Disaster Recovery Planning in the Canadian North: A Practical Guide for Businesses and Communities,” you’ll find out:

  • The staggering cost of business downtime, according to a Symantec survey.
  • Two reasons why creating a disaster recovery plan is absolutely essential in the North.
  • Three questions to ask yourself as you choose your disaster recovery technology.
  • Which three types of data backup are often appropriate for organizations in the North.
  • Five criteria for choosing your IT services provider.

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